RAFTING on the Dunajec – Rafting on the river takes place on the route Sromowce Wyżne – Szczawnica. It is intended for both advanced and beginner participants. Children can also participate.

Kayaking on the Dunajec River – Kayaking on mountain rivers in pneumatic, two-person units under the supervision of an instructor do not require great technical skills, which gives a lot of satisfaction from crossing the river.

Czorsztyn-Ski Ski Center – The well-known and popular Family Ski Station “Czorsztyn Ski” is located on the slopes of the Wdżar mountain (Wdzor – as the highlanders say), which due to its surface shape and specific microclimate creates perfect conditions for skiing. The last skiers leave the slopes even at the end of April. The name of the company does not mean, however, that it operates only in winter – it is worth visiting throughout the year.

Cableway – chairlift to Palenica – Szczawnica (15 km), 783 m long, 260 m elevation difference (Palenica I slope – artificially snowed, 1000 m long, 250 m elevation difference, approved by the FIS and PZN authorities, Palenica II slope, 1,800 m long m., altitude difference 270 m – route running from the top of Szafranówka to the foot of Palenica where it joins the Palenica I route, Szafranówka slope – two parallel 350 m long T-bar lifts, 75 m elevation difference, easy downhill route, artificially snowed)
Halfpipe – a full-size snow chute for snowboarding with a T-bar lift on the southern slope of Palenica.

12 ski lifts in Białka Tatrzańska (20 km) – ski complex with lifts for everyone (details below)

Walk or bike ride along the Pieniny road to Szczawnica with views of the Pieniny range with the Gorge (details below).