Bicycle routes

In the Pieniny Mountains, the tourist traffic is really increased. The area of ​​the Pieniny National Park is visited by thousands of tourists each year, not only from Poland, but also from abroad. For those who like bicycle crossings, several interesting tourist routes have been created, which will allow you to spend your free time actively and contemplate the surrounding nature.

Route: Czorsztyn Reservoir – Czorsztyn Castle. The Czorsztyn Reservoir is located on the Dunajec River, on the border of the Pieniny and Gorce Mountains. It was created as a result of damming the waters of the Dunajec with a huge earth and concrete dam. Although plans to erect such a dam appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, they were implemented only in the 1960s. The decision to build a dam raised a lot of controversy because, apart from the arguments in favor of its erection, it was to tame the capricious Dunajec river, reduce the flood risk and use the possibility of producing cheap energy sources (hydroelectric power plant) were also strong arguments against the dam – devastation of the natural landscape of Pieniny, climate change, exposure to the collapse of valuable castles and monuments or increased human penetration in the western parts of the Pieniny National Park. Eventually the dam was built. It proved to be successful during the flood in 1997. The Czorsztyński reservoir is the result of the construction of the dam.

Route: Dam – Castle in Niedzica. It is possible to walk on the dam’s crown. The promenade is open to tourists all day long. At its feet there is a building of a hydroelectric power plant (pumped storage). Today it is not fully used because electricity prices have equalized in the so-called “peak” and in the period of the lowest demand. The power plant at the foot of the dam therefore works like a regular run-of-the-river plant. On the other hand, on the left abutment of the dam, there is a place where walkers can relax, enjoying the panorama of the Pieniny Mountains and an explanatory board. We can see, among others, the castle in Niedzica and Czorsztyn. We can also admire the forest landscape and the lagoon itself.

You should know that the Czorsztyński reservoir is under strict protection. From June 1 to September 30, it is forbidden to use internal combustion engines on the water.