Ski slopes and tracks

Czorsztyn-Ski – Kluszkowce – Ski routes:
I Blue 1,200 m – medium difficulty, difficult in the middle, 1,200 m long, illuminated
II Blue 460m – medium difficulty, 460m long, illuminated
III Red 1000 m – difficult route, length 1000 m, illuminated
Route IV for beginners, 100 m – 100 m long, illuminated
V Beginner trail, snow tubing – 100 m long, floodlit
VI Red NOWA 1000 m – difficult route, length 1000 m, unlit
Kluszkowce lift – map VII. Blue 500 m – medium difficulty, length 500 m, illuminated, training track
VIII Cross-country trail – around Mount Wdżar (not groomed, not covered with snow, run by skiers)

All slopes are artificially snowed and illuminated (except VI-new red), which allows you to safely use the slopes, even until late at night. These routes are served by 12 snow cannons and 4 snow groomers, so the routes are professionally prepared. Ski runs of various levels of difficulty will satisfy both beginners and advanced skiers. The average slope of the slope is 23%. The downhill runs have a sound system, which makes the ride more enjoyable.

The ski station in Białka Tatrzańska: Białka Tatrzańska – Kotelnica has 2 ski stations: Kotelnica and Bania. The resorts work together to create one of the largest and most popular ski resorts in Poland, with a total capacity of 18,720 people per hour. More experienced skiers will find interesting runs on Kotlenica Białczańska (957 m) and Jankulakowski Wierch (904 m), while beginners and families with children can go to the gentler slopes of Bania. Some routes are approved by the FIS. The total length of the routes is 14 km, of which as much as 73 percent. these are easy routes – blue and green. Skiers have at their disposal as many as three modern, express, detachable 6-seater sofas.

There is a ski and snowboard equipment rental in the resort. Beginners can take advantage of the help of instructors. In addition, the resort has taverns where you can eat tasty food and drink something warm. There are also free car parks. Right on the slopes there is a holiday house and the famous thermal baths.
There is a Tatry Ski pass at the station, which entitles you to ski at the following stations: Kotelnica Białczańska, Bania, Kaniówka, Jurgów Ski, Koziniec Ski and Czorsztyn-Ski (Kluszkowce).